About Me

Photographer by trade, Artist at heart

Hi there! I’m Nolan, but you probably already know that. I was born and raised in the great state of Texas, and have always resided in small towns south of DFW. For someone who almost never travels, I love the dry heat of Vegas, the elevation of Colorado, and the Texas coastline. Someday, if things go really well for me, I will have a second home in Colorado and take trips to play golf in Vegas. If you take a look to your right, you will see a deeper and deeper look into my personality… erm…enjoy.

My Story

My passion for photography and art started from a very young age. I can still vaguely remember my very first camera! I was on a trip with my grandparents in their motor home, though I can’t remember where we were going. I was given some kind of adventure kit to accompany me during the trip. It came with a lot of little trinkets, all of which were bright green. When I saw there was a camera in it, I immediately begged my Grandmother to take me to get some film.

I can’t remember much of any photographic career through my childhood. I know I once had a VERY bad digital camera that crudely resembled a pen. It was 1 megapixel on a good day, and if you let the batteries fall out you would lose all of your pictures…nice. We went on a cruise over thanksgiving one year and we got a waterproof kodak camera to take along. I wore that poor camera out in that week, taking close to a thousand photos. The first time I actually held and got to use a DSLR was over summer break during high school. A friend of mine’s mom had a Nikon D5200, and to me it was the shit. After that I had to have one, so after a bit of asking I finally got one as a graduation gift from my parents. It was a Nikon D3100, a very respectable starter DSLR, and I was hooked! I took pictures of everything, learning every single button and function of that camera. I learned a lot about photography and how to get the result you wanted, in a very basic, simple sense. More to come…

My Family

This is my support group, my world, my reason to get up in the morning.


My lovely woman

Practicing physical therapist assistant of tiny humans.
Loves running, and naps, and food.
Broncos 4 Life
Has a heart the size of Texas.
Will cut you if you mess with Cooper.


Doggo Henley

Purveyor of Cuddles

I might be biased, but this is the best damn dog in the world. He is spoiled rotten though, thanks to his momma.

Enjoys long walks, bones, getting pets, and playing fetch.
Can boof, will boof.